4 Benefits to A Desk Mounted Monitor

4 Benefits to A Desk Mounted Monitor

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If you install a Monoprice desk mount at Primecables.ca, you might be able to improve your work day in a few different ways.


It might not seem like it but if you mount your monitor at the proper height, it can actually make you more productive.  Actually, a survey from Jon Peddie Research suggests that those who work at a multiple display workstation (a desk with more than one monitor) can increase their productivity by as much as 42 percent just by using monitor desk mounts.  Whether you need several monitors or, perhaps, just two, a monitor desk mount (or as many as you need) can help to keep things more organized, which means you are more productive.


Most people slouch when they work at a desk. It is really easy to forget about good posture. To be honest, most of us probably don’t even understand the importance of good posture, even while sitting—especially while sitting—at a desk. If you mount your monitor on a desk mount—and one that has an adjustable arm—it allows you to place the monitor at a height and in a position that forces you to focus a little more on your posture.  For those who have never actually sat with proper posture, this can be somewhat uncomfortable at first; but that is because your back muscles need a little perking up.  Indeed, this will be kind of like a work out—but that also means that you might find eventually you are able to reduce back pain as well as both eye and neck strain.


Maybe you have a giant desk and therefore don’t need any more room in your work space, but most people would probably say they could benefit from a little more room.  That’s where a desk monitor mount comes in:  this allows you to elevate your monitor from the desk so you can open up more space for your other working needs.

#4:  FOCUS

When you combine the previous three benefits you realize that you are able to focus just a little better; and that would be the fourth benefit. Indeed, when you feel more productive you tend to work a little harder. When you sit at attention—with good posture—it actually cues your brain to be more attentive. When you have more space for work, you are able to focus more on the task at hand.

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