Are You Able To Conduct Business PROFITABLY As a graphic designer-Developer?

Are You Able To Conduct Business PROFITABLY As a graphic designer-Developer?

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I selected to go over the above mentioned subject, because in the last seven years, (within my place in the world), I’ve seen a lot of web-site designersOrdesigners as well as software developers, who’ve reasonable technical expertise, but they are not able to obtain sufficient remuneration in the clients who hire them.

Chance conferences with folks claiming to become certified “graduates” of some popular computer-programming training schools within Lagos, have brought me to uncover many of them lack business marketing/project management software skills or know-how.

This means they (hopefully) have developed the appropriate technical skills to build up software or websites in the schools they attended, but they are frequently not outfitted with crucial business marketing and selling skills, that will enable them make enough money to learn by using their skills for everyone clients.

I’ve come across, read or learned about people offering training to passionate learners on “Website design, software development etc”. Things I have however discovered is the fact that many of these training occasions never include teaching the guests:

(a) How to locate prospective customers

(b) How you can sell effectively to such prospective customers

(c) How you can negotiate to win lucrative jobs with the proper customer types

(d) Planning and implement projects won to make sure completion to customer happiness

(e) Using completed projects and satisfied clients to win jobs from new customers – and repeat business from existing customers.

And individuals five (5) key concerns, are what this problem of my e-newsletter is all about.

A lot of people who head to business – whether service or product provision – fail to concentrate on Finding out how to effectively market then sell themselves/their services or products to individuals who require them, in a manner that earns them lucrative NAIRA remuneration.

This is what I believe anyone that has the above mentioned issue will do (according to my own encounters/achievements):

A. Identify Your Ideal Customer: The initial step for just about any clients are to build up methods of identifying people on the market place who fit the prospective audience profile for your products or services. For example, assess records of (or consider) past customers/clients to find out if there’s an identifiable trend which will hep you define the census of individuals who patronize your company.

B. Choose How To Achieve Him/Her: Many occasions, it is best to invest time THINKING and PLANNING before you decide to jump to the roads and begin DOING. Regardless of how much cash you’ve available, doing this should help you improve results, than if you didn’t get it done.

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