Cheap USB Flash Drives & Other Gadgets I Really Like

Cheap USB Flash Drives & Other Gadgets I Really Like

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We reside in a gadget filled world. Some assistance us with this lives, some cause me to feel waste considerable time not doing anything, others keep me completely entertained.

Here is a narrow your search of gadgets which i could not do without.

(1) Cheap USB Flash Drives

Would you like 60 four gigabytes of space for storage that matches inside a device how big my thumb, for under $ 100? USB flash drives are the simplest way to keep data for simple movement. Small, fast, efficient, affordable and reliable – like a student I possibly could not do without one. I really like my cheap USB flash drives!

(2) Cell Phone with 3G support.

Never imagined I’d search on the internet on my small cell phone. That’s, until I received my Blackberry. Nowadays, I most likely search on the internet through my phone more frequently than through my computer! Instant emailing, web surfing, Facebook stalking *cough*. Once more, like a student, this sort of web ease of access makes my activities a lot smoother.

(3) Apple ipod device

I have been an ipod device fan since the first day – the clunky, beige, heavy ipod device circa 2003 was my entire existence at that time. Nowadays though, the current iPhone is really a sexy, sleek, music playing god of the machine. Affordable, quick, simple to use – this product may be the the best with regards to audio players.

(4) Blu-Ray DVD Player

You have not seen display quality til you have often seen a film in Blu-ray. I believe probably the most sublime of latest encounters was watching the ‘Blue Planet’ documentary in Blu-ray with full surround seem. Be cautious though – after using Blu-ray, you can’t return to ordinary DVD!

(5) Panasonic Lumix Everything Proof Camera

I am a clumsy guy, and I love to continue adventures frequently. The end result? Damaged stuff. However, not my Panasonic Lumix! It’s shockproof, waterproof, and dustpoof. I have dropped it within the sea, from the third story of the building onto concrete, too literally ruling it with my motorbike. The end result? New. However, keep in mind that this product isn’t ‘lose proof!’

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