Tips on making your WordPress site more secure

Tips on making your WordPress site more secure

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If you don’t want to be among those WordPress website owners who nag about security all the time then you have come to the right place. Sure having the best WooCommerce plugins that update regularly is one way of securing your site but as a website owner, you have to question what as a website owner you are doing for securing your website.  Are the security measures you are taking enough? Don’t worry, help is available. Here are some tips through which you can make your WordPress website secure:

Set up a website lock down

Have a lockdown feature for failed login attempts. If a hacker tries to break into your website by the password guessing, wrong attempts will lock your website and then you will get notified of this activity. For better security, you can use the iThemes Security plugin. It lets you specify the number of failed login attempts after which you want your website to lock. It also bans the IP address of the attacker.

Use two-factor authentication

It is the easiest way of securing your WordPress website. In this case, you have to provide login details for 2 different components. As a website owner, you decide what those are. The first one could be a regular password and then a set of characters, or a secret code.

Use your email as a login

WordPress asks you to put a username for the login by default. It is recommended to use an email ID as the username. Why? Because usernames are generally easy to predict.

Rename the login URL

You must also change the login URL. If a hacker knows the URL to your login page, he can easily break into your website by guessing the username and password.  Renaming your login URL will restrict an unauthorized user from accessing your login page in the first place. With iThemes security plugin, you can easily change the URL to your login.

Change your password time after time

You must regularly change the password of your website. Like any other strong password, it should be a combination of numbers, special characters, upper case and lower letters.

Use SSL for encrypting data

A great way of securing the admin panel is to implement the SSL certification. It is meant to ensure that the data transfer between the browsers of users and servers is secure so that hackers don’t break in and steal any information.

It is not a difficult task to get an SSL certificate for your website. There are lots of dedicated companies that are offering them. You can also ask your hosting company to find you one. Another important thing to note is that an SSL certificate improves the ranking of your website on Google too. As your website is secure, more and more customers will trust using it.

Monitor your files

Always keep an eye on any changes in the files of your website. Since all the information and data about your website is stored in the database, you have to be extra careful about it.

Create a backup of your website regularly

Is your website secure? Great but there is always more you can do to make it extra secure. One way of ensuring safety is to create an off-site backup of your website. Having a backup means you can restore your site to its working state in case anything goes wrong. There are lots of plugins that can help you in creating data backup automatically.

Disable trackbacks

Pingbacks and trackbacks notify you whenever your content is linked from another website. Using trackbacks, hackers can distribute massive DDoS attacks to do their dirty work. It is now possible to disable this feature by going into the settings.

Remove the WordPress version number

It is quite easy to find the version number of WordPress. It is right there in the source view of your website. If a hacker gets to know which version of WordPress you are using, he can easily design an attack for it. That’s why it is recommended to hide the version number of your WordPress in use. This can be done by using any security plugin for WordPress.

Update regularly

You must update your WordPress software regularly. Updates are meant for fixing bugs and they also come with security patches. If you don’t update your themes and plugin, it is like inviting hackers and criminals to break into the loopholes and take down your website. If you weren’t updating, then it is high time you start updating your WordPress products.

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